Hi-Crush Fracture Sand

Hi-Crush is a frac sand provider and manufacturer with several locations across the country. The oil and gas industry is highly competitive, with new facilities being added all the time. To meet the demand of the industry and keep up with competition, facilities are constantly being added and upgraded. This facility was located in Kermit, Texas, and was a new, ground-up plant.

Objective & Results

Hi-Crush was looking to become the first major supplier of frac sand products in the Permian basin. Being first to market came with significant benefits, including a high market share and tremendous profitability, but didn’t come without challenges. Ultimately, the project finished on time, despite an aggressive timeline, and did indeed become the first major supplier of frac sand. Today, trucks are hauling finished sand out of the facility on a 24/7 basis from this productive and profitable plant.

Fluid bed dryers on site

Electricians onsite for install


Phase 1

Primary Power Design & Implementation

Early in the project, the customer was facing a lack of primary power. Due to the high lead time of primary power permits, design, implementation and scheduling of the utility company, the plant’s timeline would have been pushed back. B&B ultimately took over running the high voltage lines from the utility contractor. This sped up the design and implementation phases exponentially. We were able to hook up temporary generators for the testing out of installed equipment while the primary power lines were being installed, keeping the entire project on time.

Phase 2

Timeline & Project Completion

Staying on time was essential to the success of this project, but with an accelerated timeline it wasn’t an easy undertaking. A normal plant of this size, with an aggressive schedule, takes around five months to get up and running. For this project, we had 75 days. By using our large resource of vendor's across the country, we were able to expedite long lead time items. And by reverse engineering the plant, we created focus areas and timelines needed for the customer to meet deadlines. We increased manpower where and when needed throughout the building process to ensure nothing fell behind on the project.

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