Electrical Prefabrication

Invested in prefabrication operations to enhance quality control, reduce the margin for error, and improve jobsite safety to keep projects on time and on budget.


Our innovative 25,000 square foot PreFab facility is located at our headquarters in Eau Claire, WI. Electric prefabrication is a creative process designed to maximize quality and productivity, while reducing overall project completion times. Prefabrication allows electrical systems to be pre-assembled in a controlled, off-site location and then safely transported and delivered to the job-site, anywhere in the country.

Although the work performed at our PreFab facility can be considered cutting edge, we perform this type of work with the values our customers have come to expect from B&B Electric. You can rest assured our pre-planning process, project organization, and on-site productivity is enhanced by the work done at our PreFab shop. Additionally, with this increased efficiency you can expect less materials and clutter on the jobsite, leading to better job safety conditions.

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