Arc Flash and IR Thermography

Let B&B Electric gather data and asses your equipment to keep your employees and customers safe. Ensure proper codes are being adhered to, equipment is labeled properly, and create preventative maintenance programs to provide assurance to those within your place of business and on your job-sites with Arc Flash and IR Thermography services.


Arc flash is a dangerous event that can occur when electric current flows through an air gap between conductors. Accidentally touching a probe to the wrong surface or a slipped tool are the most common causes of an arcing fault. B&B Arc Flash servicing will ensure your equipment and facility is as safe as it can be.  We achieve this by calculating the correct fault potential for each piece of electrified equipment, labelling equipment appropriately, and educating the leader at your company about the risks of Arc Flash. Protect those around you from danger and safety code violations with Arc Flash services from B&B Electric.

Preventative maintenance programs are all about saving you downtime and the cost of emergent repairs for unplanned equipment failure. We know nearly everything creates heat before it fails, and IR Thermography services give us the ability to “catch”  a potential problem before it causes a major interruption in your operations. We will help to reduce downtime and unplanned costs by designing a preventative maintenance program and completing yearly inspections for your organization.

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