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There are many important facts to consider when planning a construction project. Let our electrical contractors provide you with an electrical design suited for your needs.


Working with B&B Electric on your new building project is easy.  The people needed to expertly design, plan and execute the electric components of your project are all in-house. Our design and estimating department work together to provide accurate turn-key electrical solutions. Because of our cohesive teamwork and digital tools, we make more informed design decisions, build more efficiently, and maintain buildings with greater ease.

Trimble’s mix of hardware, software, and mobility technologies allows B&B to streamline communication and collaboration among our team and with other sub-contractors throughout the design and construction lifecycle, from planning, design, site preparation and through their finished product.

Revit software is used by B&B to connect teams and tools, and extends design to detailing.  It allows us to streamline the engineering design process, conduct simulations before construction, create a full building information model, and will prepare a model for detailed coordination of fabrication and installation of the systems in your construction project.

Our electrical engineers use AutoCAD to draw their plans.  AutoCAD has a built-in library to electrical symbols and components, specific commands for drawing wires with specific attributes, and allows B&B to create our own library of symbols depending on the plans we are creating.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology is changing the way buildings and infrastructure are designed, constructed and operated.  The software helps provide you an increased value during the execution stage of a project, including more efficient planning, procurement, and execution, resulting in cost optimization and risk reduction. We can save you valuable time and resources for the project, because BIM allows us to have your electrical system mapped out before ground has been broke.Your project will then move to our PreFab shop and field electricians for a safe and cost effective install. This information model drives efficiencies, and helps us procure all materials for a more cost-effective solution.

No project is too small or too large for B&B Electric.  We pride ourselves on giving each customer the same level of customer service, no matter what size the project.  We have the experience and team to design and execute your project, that will meet your needs and exceed expectations.

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