Food Processing Facility

A food processing facility in Northern Wisconsin needed to expand its square footage to accommodate new machinery to facilitate a new cooking process. This new cooking process required a conveyor and control centers. The project took 10 months of complete, and grew the building by 46,700 square feet.

Objective and Results

The new cooking method requires the use of cable tray and tray rated cables for power, controls, and communication. To help control the new machinery, B&B Electric installed 13 low voltage MCC Centers. The software made available with these updates provides real-time diagnostics and documentation to maximize the performance of your MCC and related equipment. The total expansion added over 46,7000 square feet to the facility, and required new lighting, utilities, generator, and equipment connections for the material handling cooker.

low voltage MCC Centers

sq ft addition

months of construction


Design Assistance

There are many standards and regulations specific to food manufacturers. Because of B&B Electric’s knowledge of electrical construction for food manufacturing and the requirements they present, we were able to work together with the plant on exactly what we could and could not do for their expansion. This collaboration let us plan the entire project quickly, thanks to the ability to pre-order equipment.


Equipment Pre-Order

Thanks to a smooth design process between the customer and B&B Electric, we were able to determine what products needed to be pre-purchased and when. Generators and electrical distribution equipment that were needed for this project can often have long lead times, and are known to cause delays in the completion of projects. This client was pleased to experience a smooth construction period, that was done on time and on budget.

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