CVTC - Energy Education Center

The Energy Education Center is a part of the West Campus of Chippewa Valley Technical College. It is a 54,000 square foot expansion and renovation which included classrooms and labs that improved and increased programming options. CVTC’s Energy Education Center isn’t just a building containing classrooms and labs, together with the surrounding grounds, it was designed to be a learning laboratory. This energy efficient, cutting edge education center has become a model in the sate for LEED buildings and is certified GOLD. This facility is a smart building and has a control room that you can monitor and control the building from with TV monitors displayed. It was the, Focus On Energy- 2016 Energy Efficiency Excellence Award. It was an extremely fun and rewarding project for B&B Electric, as most of the building is “open concept” so our craftsman pride in their work is displayed throughout the facility.

Objective and Results

CVTC had grown beyond the size and capabilities of their facility. They recognized their outdated facilities were actually a deterrent to potential students. An addition of 54,000 feet has been used for training and education of the students in the classroom and in the field for High Voltage Lineman training. This facilities update was a way of bringing their training and education up to date with new technology and “the next level of education.”

sq ft remodel

sq ft addition

students in the EPD program per year


Facility Update and Addition

The primary focus of this project was creating new facilities for students and staff that provides the space and resources needed for a great education. The new facility gives students an interacting learning atmosphere, where everything is open to the ceiling to expose wiring, utilities, plumbing and electrical. This open concept was designed so students can learn from the building itself. The state of the art center is energy efficient, and requires less maintenance for staff and building faculty.


Windmill Construction and Installation

A windmill was incorporated into the project for educational and long term budgeting purposes. The windmill was designed to add power back into the grid system of the campus. This power was then added to a local panel in the building, which in turn saved energy and was self sufficient was the environment allowed it to spin. Along with a local utility company and the windmill manufacturer, B&B helped facilitate this portion of the project to design and install from start to finish. With many components including inverters, we changed the DC voltage to AC voltage to be utilized back into the building power system.

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