Woodman's- Altoona, WI

The River Prairie development in Altoona was seeking a large anchor store to help solidify their new development. Woodman’s was an established grocery store from Southern Wisconsin, and had been considering a new store in the Eau Claire area. Woodman’s began construction on a 240,000 square foot building in the River Prairie development in 2015. Photo by The Leader Telegram.

Objective and Results

The Woodman’s building was incredibly large, with approximately 150,000 square feet of retail space and 90,000 square feet of warehousing space. The overall project scope included wiring the building, and all of the systems like coolers and checkout lines. Along with the grocery store, B&B Electric wired the convenience store, lube station, and car wash on site, along with extensive outdoor lighting.

sq ft of warehousing space

sq ft of retail space

outdoor lighting poles


Grocery Store

B&B Electric not only wired the building in this facility, but also wired most of the operating systems inside. This includes coolers and freezers of various kinds that required different types of wiring. Some of the wiring for the coolers and systems had to be installed underground with precise measurements to meet tight tolerances for installation. These cooling units also had compressors and condensers that were wired by B&B Electric. There are multiple offices and cashier checkouts in the front of the store, and the installation of these cashier checkouts included wireway which was installed just below the concrete to hide and conceal all raceways. After the counters were installed, power and data wires were pulled to complete this process.


Convenience Store and Outdoor Lighting

Along with the grocery store, Woodman’s constructed a convenience store with lube station and car wash. Both buildings required separate service for incoming power. The car wash had tight specification on rough-in of conduit and wiring for their equipment. There was also an extensive outdoor LED lighting package for all 3 parking lot areas that consisted of over 60 outdoor light poles. B&B Electric installed these poles/fixtures for the project, and continues to maintain the warranty of these fixtures as well.

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